Quality control service

A new and efficient quality management system developed in accordance with International Standard ISO 9001:2008 and ensured with quality certificates has been established and maintained thus serving as the best warranty of all the products and services being strictly corresponding to the highest standard requirements and fully satisfy the most severe demands of our clients and partners.

The policy of “YYUTiST” plant is based upon the aiming mutually beneficial and reliable cooperation with our clients.

Pipe and tube products of Nikopol Steel Pipe Plant “YUTiST” are certified by the supervisory association TUV NORD Ukraine for the right to manufacture and to supply the pipes in accordance with DIN and EN standards, our pipes have material producer quality certificate according to the Directive 97/23/EG for high pressure vessels and in conformance with AD 2000-Merkblatt W0, our tubes also bear API Monogram (license #5L-0537) being manufactured according to the API 5L standard. The quality system of the plant and cold formed boiler pipe products is certified within UKRSEPRO System by the certification center VNITI TEST in Dnipropetrovsk city. Supply of boiler pipes manufactured in accordance to TU 14-3R-55-2001 is allowed by Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision.

The main goal of quality service is enabling manufacture of the product corresponding to all the requirements of normative documents.

Inner control of the pipe billet incoming to the plant along with other raw materials and technologies is effected by quality service staff (quality department inner control branch) in teamwork with other structure departments of the company.

Quality control of the ready made product of NSPP “YYUTiST” Ltd. is performed by quality service (quality department) by implementing of the brand new modern methods of visual and non-destructive verification.

Pipe and tube check for defects and leakproofness is effected on ultrasonic and eddy current machines.

Nondestructive object control of the quality of the product made in accordance with “Technical conditions for pipeline pipes ANSI/API 5L Specification” is performed by the quality department staff (nondestructive tests branch of the quality control department) all of which are certified up to the requirements of ASNT SNT-TC-1A or ISO 9712 “Nondestructive testing. Qualification and certification of the nondestructive tests personnel”.

Visual and nondestructive objective quality control of the production made in accordance to other standards is effected by quality service staff (quality department) possessing the qualification level required by the corresponding product standards.

All the verification and measurement devices used in quality control are verified and certified.

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