History of the plant

Nikopol steel pipe "YUTiST" is based on the production facilities of the famous Nikopol Yuzhnotrubny Plant (YTZ), one of the largest companies in the world known for pipe production. In 1999, the Yuzhnotrubny Plant appeared to be on the verge of bankruptcy, so a decision was made to restructure it, which resulted in the plant being divided into a number of independent companies, each got their own investors.

One of the abovementioned companies was the Nikopol Steel Pipe "YUTiST", created in the summer of 2000 starting with the pipe drawing shop number 1 of the former YTZ. Later there was obtained also the pipe rolling shop number 1 of YTZ. The buildings of these shops are close to each other and pipe rolling equipment form a single technological chain, yet both production lines can be operated independently at demand.

The main asset of the new company are undoubtedly its’ people, as labor groups of the pipe drawing and pipe rolling shops and of the central laboratory of YTZ moved to a new company in full force. And along with them there was transferred industry experience, longstanding tradition, glorious history, which began as early as the 1935 when these shops had been launched into production for the first time. Today, Nikopol steel pipe "YUTiST" works with  already the 4th generation of pipe manufacturers.

"NSPP" YUTiST" specializes in drawn steel pipes for high pressure boilers, drawn thin-walled and thick-walled seamless pipes made of carbon and alloyed steel grades.

Due to the investments and thanks to the coordinated work of the collective personnel, there was built our own boiler house, there were purchased and installed Belgian compressors for the production of dried compressed air, injection molding, marking and packaging equipment, set up a railway station. As a result, by the end of 2001, “YUTiST” was completely up to date and modern company. 

Thanks to new technology implemented into production with the participation of Ya.E.Osada Dnipropetrovsk Pipe Research Institute our company greatly expanded the range of pipes. We mastered the production of pipes with a diameter of 168 mm, thin-rolled tubes, which were in demand abroad at the time, in addition to drawn cracking pipes and a very promising grade 06H1 rolled tubes for the oil industry, where their usage has a significant economic impact. 

As a result, for the first four years of operation, the plant "YUTiST" increased production and sales volumes almost 4 times, which can be named a huge achievement for the company. 

Product quality has always been a priority matter number one for the company. From the early days of the "NSPP" YUTiST" its’ policy was aimed at improving the quality management system. One of the first among other Ukrainian pipe companies, the plant "YUTiST" created, certified and implemented a Quality Management System fully according to ISO 9001, received conformity certificates from  reputable European auditors - TUV NORD CERT. The plant also has a certificate of Maritime Register of Ukraine for the production and delivery of pipes for shipbuilding. In addition, the products of the company have been certified by State Standard of Ukraine and the Russian State Technical Supervision.

High quality production has helped Nikopol steel pipe "YUTiST" to find loyal customers, both in Ukraine and abroad. The Company cherishes the trust of each customer and seeks to develop relations on a solid basis of mutual benefits. During the short period of existence of the brand "NSPP" YUTiST" significantly expanded the marketing geography of pipe products supplies. Since the establishment of the new plant with its brand name products are exported to 29 countries around the world.

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